PCB Assembly & Testing

PCB Assembly & Testing Services

PCB Assembly & Testing Services

There’s nothing better than a fast turnaround for your PCB Assembly & Testing Services to give you the edge over your competitors. D. R. Electronics is your one-stop PCB fabrication, assembly and testing services company, all under one roof. Whether you require low-volume or high volume PCB assembly, rest assured, we’ll work closely with you to ensure not just the best quality, but also the quickest turnaround.

D. R. Electronics Assembly Capabilities

From low volume PCB to high volume PCB assembly, we are capable of handling all your projects. Here at D. R. Electronics, all the processes, from material sourcing, PCB fabrication to PCB assembly are done in-house, ensuring your project meet the deadline. Our PCB assembly capabilities include :

  • SMT Assembly
  • Through-Hole Assembly
  • Mixed Assembly
  • Rigid Flex Assembly services
  • Prototype PCB
  • Full Turnkey
  • High Volume Assembly Services
  • Low Volume Assembly Services

Testing Services

We inspect all our finished products, but in addition we can perform testing and programming using customers instructions. We can use customer test jigs or build them for specific functional, burn in or In-Circuit Test. So you can receive the highest possible yields in your electronic production.

Your Trusted Choice for Your PCB Assembly & Testing Services

Over the years, we have fabricated and assembled affordable, high-quality PCB for various customers in the telecommunications, medical, robotics, aerospace and other industries. The choice to choose D. R. Electronics is an easy one for customers. Here are some reasons why D. R. Electronics is the top choice for you.

  • Quickest TurnAround : We offer you the quickest turnaround so that you can commence your
  • Quality Guaranteed : With D. R. Electronics, quality is always assured. Aside from being ISO 9001:2015 certified, our quality assurance officers also check and ensure quality every step of the way.
  • Flexible Volume : There’s no limitation to the minimum quantity you can order. Low volume or high volume, we are capable!
  • In-house Fabrication and Assembly : Your PCB fabrication and Assembly are done here at D. R. Electronics, ensuring the highest quality and reducing the risks of error.
  • Affordable Cost : Our PCB Assembly services are very pocket-friendly. We give you the best at the most affordable prices

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