We are committed to quality

At D. R. Electronics, we are committed to quality and we ​work really hard to make quality products that meet and exceed your expectations.

With something as critical to the reliable, effective performance of your electronic components – not to mention the overall success of your manufacturing operation – as your printed circuit boards, you can't afford to sacrifice anything when it comes to quality. when you choose D. R. Electronics as your circuit board supplier, you get a company with a decade-long track record of providing high-quality PCB solutions, Wire Harness, PCB Repair and Motor Control Panel solutions to local and global customer base. We make quality the top priority in every phase of our operation, including PCB board, Wire harness and motor control panel development, manufacturing and assembly.


ISO - 9001 Accreditation

We make sure that all our processes and procedures are fully documented and follow the ISO-9001 series accreditation.


ISO - 9001:2015 Certification

The manufacture, test and supply of electronic equipment and electro-mechanical assemblies. Also the supply of printed circuit boards, cables and membrane switch assemblies.